There’s an old saying: those who marry for money earn it.    Can a mansion and a yacht make up for a miserable love life? By the same token, do Bloomberg’s paid  supporters love him for himself, or for his money.? Small donors to any candidate are much more apt to get out the votes for the person  they believe in.  Therefore,  big money can’t buy love.  And it doesn’t send people to the polls.

Bloomberg flopped in February Debate: Money Can't Buy Love
Except for Bloomberg, all of the candidates stirred the soul and warmed the heart of their supporters. Money can’t buy love.

If you watched the Democratic debates, you could see why each candidate has a base of supporters who love him or her. For example,  Buttigieg appeals to people who value civility and intellect.   Warren is an attack dog.  Her fiery rhetoric appeals to those  who want a ton of freebies including health care and college tuition. Sander’s socialists  want to eliminate capitalism altogether.  He’s passionate, and articulate, and loved by his supporters.  Biden is suave, sophisticated, knowledgeable and personable.  Klobuchar is just a good old girl who appeals to the working class.  And she’s the only woman who doesn’t mind wearing a skirt.  She’s witty and sharp.

 Except for Bloomberg, all the candidates on that debate stage were  people who have  campaigned to the point of exhaustion.  They’re seasoned and personable.  Each, in their own way, is able to stir the soul and warm the heart.  If any one of them wins the nomination, they will have earned it.

What could we say about Bloomberg ?  As the mayor of New York for three terms,  there must be something the voters liked about him.  But I didn’t find him all that appealing. I guess that thing about the non disclosure agreements, and the women he treated like dirt had me against him from the get go.  Sexual harassment is one thing, but when you chew out women for getting pregnant, and suggest that any old “black” could take care of your baby, you’ve lost me.

He had no warmth or charm. He’s came across as condescending and defensive. Sorry, Bloomberg.  money can’t buy love.

Can Bloomberg Buy America?

This is probably one of the scariest things I’ve seen in all my years of observing politics. Here is a man who is on the Democratic national debate stage tonight because he bought his way in.   He didn’t campaign or talk directly to real voters.  He just threw out a bunch of money that he had no other use for.   Just as people who live on the interest and dividends from unearned income,  he’s trying to win the election on unearned–bought and paid for–supporters.    The question is:  Can Bloomberg really buy America?  Are we that gullible?

can Bloomberg buy the Deomcratic nomination for president?
Bloomberg can afford a great acting coach to teach him how to simulate compassion for women.

Bloomberg doesn’t even have to come up with a set a policies or beliefs.  He can just hire some experts who will do that for him.  They say he hasn’t been a strong debater.  Money could change all that.  Wearing an earpiece is illegal. But,  with billions of dollars to spend, it’s highly possible he could acquire a high tech hearing device invisible to the naked eye.  Watch and see If he pauses even slightly before answering a question.  They claimed Hillary wore an  earpiece  in the debates with Trump, but it was never proven.  Anything is possible when you can afford the best.

Former employees say that Bloomberg fostered a corporate climate that was degrading to female employees.  As an example,   in a lawsuit,  one employee claimed that when a female employee got pregnant, he asked her “What the hell did you do a thing like that for?” . On another occasion, the lawsuit said, Bloomberg berated a female employee who had trouble finding a nanny. “It’s a f—— baby! . . . All you need is some black who doesn’t have to speak English to rescue it from a burning building.”

To overcome his appalling history of  mistreating female employees, he could  hire  some great drama coach to show him how to fake emotions like empathy,  compassion, and kindness.

Can Bloomberg buy America?  It remains to be seen.





I’ve never been a friend of coal.  When I was a child, most everyone heated their homes with coal. On school days, I would bundle up in my snowsuit for the one mile walk.  The skies in winter were clouded with a gray haze.  You could smell the coal smoke in the air.  No one gave it a second thought.  It was a fact of life.  On the worst days, I would get home from school and see a ring around my neck when I took off my snowsuit.  That was the place where my cap rode up, exposing my neck to the air.  Coal gave me a dirty neck.

air pollution from coal smoke used to be a fact of life. But coal gave me a dirty neck.
70 years ago, no one worried about coal polluting the air. They used to laugh when coal smoke gave me a dirty neck..

I was a sickly child, losing many school days due to colds, flu, and respiratory infections. My parents had me in and out of the doctor’s office all winter, trying to figure out why.  They tested my hemoglobin, checked my heart, and listened to my lungs.  No one could understand what was wrong with me.  They never mentioned allergies or air pollution  from coal smoke as a  possible cause. All I know is that when I went away to school, I was healthier.  By that time, I suppose, fewer people had coal furnaces.

Coal mining is a major political issue in Indiana.  The coal industry is doing everything it can to keep the mines from closing. .   Any  Hoosier  politician who wants to win an election must promise to try and keep  them open.  To this day, most of the electricity in this country is produced by coal.  Why? Because it’s plentiful and cheap, and coal miners aren’t interested in retraining for new jobs.

hundreds of railway cars full of coal pass through Indiana every day. But coal gave me a dirty neck.
Thousands of railway cars full of coal pass through Indiana .

The other day I was waiting in my car for a train to pass at a crossing. Yes, we’re a train town, which means you always have an excuse to be late for appointments.   To fight the boredom, I started counting the coal cars but I gave up at 50.  Every railway car on that train was loaded with coal.

The state of Indiana does offer a few tax breaks and incentives for clean energy, but  It doesn’t look like we’re too worried about climate change here in Indiana.


It was a dark and stormy day, and I was out of fresh lettuce and  tomatoes.  Yes, we could have done without a salad, but dinner wouldn’t have seemed complete .  Reluctantly, I bundled up, pulled on my mittens, and drove to the store.  My nose dripped as I shivered against the wet snow.  But it was good to be inside, where I usually recognize  so many of the clerks.  I wandered past the produce section and noticed my favorite chardonnay wine on sale.  Only a few bottles were left, so I put them in my cart and proceeded to the checkout.  That was when this shocked senior got carded at the supermarket.

None of the clerks looked familiar.   I figured they must be training some new personnel.  One checkout stand was empty.  It seemed odd for a Saturday.  Most of the time, there’s a long line in every lane. Happy at the prospect of a quick checkout, I loaded my salad makings and wine on the conveyor belt.  The clerk started to add up my purchase, and then stopped.  “I’ll have to see your driver’s license.” she  warned. I gave her a blank look.

Because I  I once got mugged in their parking lot, I only carry a credit card and my car keys in my pocket.  No purse to be stolen.
Even if you look your age, you can still be carded at the supermarket if you buy wine.
Indiana law requires seniors to show their ID in order to buy wine at the supermarket.

Since I’ve been shopping at this store for over 30 years, and never been asked for my driver’s  license, I was flabbergasted. “Can’t you just key in my birthday?” I asked.  She frowned and shook her head.  By this time, there were people waiting behind me.  “You’re going to make them  wait while I run out in this weather to get my wallet out of my car.”  I asked.  She nodded.

I asked to see  the manager,  but he was a stranger.  Apparently, the one  I know  well had the day  off. This unfriendly guy did not offer any support, and explained the clerk was simply enforcing the Indiana State law requiring retailers to check all ID’s for for alcohol sales.  Is that crazy, or not?  And why did they suddenly change their policy after all these years. ?

That law has been on the books for over ten years, but seldom enforced.  This is the first time I’ve been asked for my driver’s license.   I don’t look like a teenager. What would happen if they sold me a bottle of wine without asking my age? Would they end up getting arrested?  Of course not.  Common sense.  Why they suddenly decided to enforce this antediluvian policy with  an octogenarian on a freezing winter day will forever remain a mystery . But I was determined to have my bargain wine, so I ran to the car and got my wallet.

The idea of giving my driver’s license  to a stranger was  unnerving.  I didn’t want it scanned. It felt like an invasion of privacy. Nevertheless, I handed it over, and left the store in a daze. But I did enjoy that glass of  chardonnay wine with dinner.



The Senate camera during the impeachment trial was cruel.   Its  focus on the top of people’s heads was about as unflattering as it gets.  The camera illuminated the bald spots of many on the defense team, the house managers, and even Supreme Court Justice Roberts.   It was worse for Zoe Lofgren, as her hair frizzed out over her glasses.  Jane Raskin’s side bang  kept falling across her  eye.  She needed a bobby pin. Yes, there were some bad hair days at the Trump Impeachment trial.

The camera was not kind during the Trump Impeachment trials
House Manager Zoe Lofgren had a bad hair day during the Trump Impeachment trial.

Does appearance influence the audience?  You have to believe it does, because you seldom see an unattractive reporter on any news show.   I’m wondering if any of the impeachment teams wore makeup?  From  the looks of them, probably not a lot  The women, of course, can get away with more frippery.  But I’m always distracted by dangling earrings.  Some females opt for a bit of cleavage. Pam Bondi’s low cut black dress on Thursday was a little more revealing than it needed to be.  Perhaps that was intentional, but maybe not.

Good looks aren’t all that important for elected officials.  Female senators and congresswomen  are generally a bit plain.  There are rare exceptions like Tulsi Gabbard. But the appearance of female politicians doesn’t arouse much jealousy in the looks department.  Let’s face it:  most women aren’t going to vote for someone who looks like Jenifer Aniston.

Back to the camera angle during the impeachment trial.  Network television cameras are much more forgiving.  Until this week, we didn’t realize how  many senators and congressmen were going bald. The senate cameras give us a view from the top.  Maybe it’s a security issue.  But it made for some bad hair days during the Trump impeachment trial.

Jay Zekulow's hair may not be real, but it looked good
Trump defense attorney Jay Zekulow’s hair looked good, in spite of the camera view from the top.

On the other hand, there were a few winners.  Patrick Philibin had some pretty decent head shots. Adam Schiff has a receding hairline, but his hair is nice and wavy.   Jay Zekulow’s thick, black hair looked good from every angle, each time he stood up to speak.  His detractors claim it’s a toupee.  I don’t know.  It still looked good on television.   If Dolly Parton can wear wigs, why can’t he?

Why Fly Rebel Flags Up North?

When I was a child, you seldom saw anyone flying a rebel flag up North.   But then, they began to appear after I moved to Chicago after college.  That was  when residents of the Appalachian states were migrating to industrial cities in the north.    We called the newcomers  hillbillies, and poked fun at them.  The flags weren’t seen as  racist, because at that time, the term  wasn’t even in use.  A rebel flag symbolized a poor white  southerner thumbing their nose at  haughty Yankees.  But lately, I’ve noticed more Confederate flags flying from trucks and homes, right here in my hometown. Why fly rebel flags up North?

Confederate flag bearers insist their flags aren’t racist.  When interviewed, they  claim the flag is  a sign of rebellion against an intrusive government, and politically correct liberals. They feel it’s a protest of a political system that puts the needs of minorities before whites.   Some say they have Southern ancestors who died in the Civil War.

There is a growing trend of flying the Confederate Flag up North
In Northern states, you sometimes see the American and Confederate flags flying side by side.

Often you will see the American  and Confederate flags side by side,  on either side of a truck.  Sometimes, there are two flags  flying proudly from residential flagpoles. You don’t see the Confederate flag  in upscale  neighborhoods in my city.   They seem to be  favored by middle class, working people.  Also,  you may see them taped to the windows of run down, low income housing . But confederate flags are often seen in rural areas in the western states.

You would be in trouble now if you flew a confederate flag in big southern cities.  There, too many people associate the flag with slavery and  oppression. You might even cause a riot or get your house burned down.

Sales of half and half flags are steadily climbing
Sales of half and half flags are steadily rising.

Retailers say sales of the confederate flags are strong and steadily increasing.  To me, those flags are a worrisome sign of divisiveness in our great nation.  And yes, I do believe the flags have a racist connotation.


Many pastimes, like bridge or golf, can be intensely competitive.  But when a  player high fives or gloats after winning, it’s  annoying to the losers. A winner  showing  pleasure at the other’s persons failure is seen as arrogant and offensive.  For awhile , it looked like Nancy Pelosi was a class act.  She appeared somber in a black dress, and declared she was praying for Trump. But her pious image changed when she signed the articles of impeachment.  She gloated and flaunted herself in a bright pink dress.  Then, she merrily  pulled out 30 gold pens with her name engraved on them. After signing impeachment papers, she  giddily handed out the pens as souvenirs.   Pelosi’s pens were a crass act.

Nancy Pelosi handed out impeachement pens engraved with her name
After signing the articles of impeachment, Pelosi handed out souvenir pens engraved with her signature.

Yes, I know.  Trump has made fun of her and called her names.  He’s been a boor.   She has every right to be happy she finally got him impeached.  But, just for the sake of decorum,  a  more dignified behavior would have been in order. Do  you pray for your enemies, or dance on their graves, Mother Nancy?  You can’t have it both ways.

The Speaker of the House  seems to forget that roughly half the citizens of the USA aren’t happy about the impeachment. But she made it clear that she doesn’t care about that “basket of deplorables” in this country who voted for Trump. Basically she was sticking out her tongue and jumping up and down like a rude little kid .    And she  trivialized the whole impeachment proceeding, as if it were just a party game.

“Do not gloat when you enemy falls, and do not let your heart rejoice when he stumbles,  or the Lord will see and disapprove, and turn His wrath away from him”

…..Proverb 24: 17, 18