Do you ever check the content of  other people’s shopping carts?  As a retired dietitian, I have to admit that old habits die hard.  As I stand in line at the supermarket, I sometimes  see warning signs of sugar addiction.  Today, when I observed  what a man bought, I felt like saying: ” Stop! Don’t eat so much sugar.”

Eating too much sugar and candy is bad for your health
Too much candy may be hazardous to your health

Here’s what this sugar lover had in his cart.   One  apple pie. Five  pounds sugar.  One package doughnuts. Ten packages of assorted candies. A carton of regular cola. One pound of  bacon. One  loaf of  bread.   Did I see a single piece of fresh fruit?  Nope, not even a bag of grapes, which might have satisfied his sweet tooth. Salad makings?  Again, nothing.  No fresh tomatoes, lettuce, cucumbers or celery.

My checkout went fast, so I ended up following the sugar lover to the parking lot.  Health professionals say it’s  mostly low income folks–living in a food desert– who have such an unhealthy diet.  Not true, in this case. The well dressed man with a  sweet tooth  drove a late model, upscale vehicle.   His face was flushed. Small purplish  bruises on his arms indicated some type of disease or  medical procedure.  If I had to guess, I’d say he might be a diabetic, or has  some type of circulatory problem. Could be anything.. I tried to envision his  next meal. A bacon sandwich, maybe?  Along with a big glass of cola?  Dessert, perhaps, a piece of apple pie.   Later in the day,  snacks:  candy, candy, candy.  How nutritious is that?

I guess you can get addicted to sugar.  Apparently, it can give you a “sugar high,” followed by a drop in blood sugar that leaves you tired and maybe even depressed.  There are at least 10 bad side effects that come from consuming too much sugar.

If your sweet tooth affects your health, it’s time to change your eating habits,  and head for the  grocery store  produce department. .

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