Are you tired of serving tossed salad every night? Looking for something fresh and different?  As a senior fixing dinner for two, I don’t want fancy recipes that take too many ingredients.  I’ve been making  easy asparagus pimento salad for years, especially in the springtime when asparagus is plentiful.

Five ingredients are all that’s needed:

Looking for an alternative to tossed salad? Try asparagus pimento salad.
Asparagus Salad needs only 5 ingredients and it’s super easy to assemble

Lettuce leaf

Half a pound  asparagus

Two teaspoons diced pimentos,

Bottle of 1,000 island dressing,

One sliced, hard boiled egg.

Preparation  takes only a few minutes:

Wash the asparagus, then trim off tough ends. I use about five spears for each individual salad .  Don’t bother steaming or boiling; just place the asparagus in a shallow bowl  with a little water.  Cook in microwave for about 3 minutes or when asparagus is crisp/tender. Run under cold water. Pat until dry..

On two salad plates, arrange  lettuce leaves topped with asparagus spears.

Sprinkle about one teaspoon of diced red pimento over spears.

Top with egg slices.

Provide a bottle of 1,000 island dressing, and let each person help themselves, according to their taste.

The salad itself is a mere 20 calories.  1,000 island dressing adds extra calories, depending on the serving size.

If you want something a little more unusual , you can find many asparagus pimento salad recipes on the internet.

For a healthy meal, serve with baked salmon and new potatoes.


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