After watching the Democratic debates, I find myself disagreeing with the three most likable candidates.

I really like Pete Buttigieg.  I think he has the perfect style befitting a president of the United States.  He’s cool, calm and collected.  He’s intelligent and articulate.  He appears to be kind, tactful and diplomatic. And, I’m proud he’s a fellow Hoosier.  But do I agree with his proposed policies?  Not so much.  Here are his policies I don’t like:   open borders, popular vote.  I like the idea of Medicare for all, but don’t think it’s  economically feasible right now.  Maybe later.

Mayor Pete came into the debate as a lightweight underdog, but came across as a classy intellectual
Mayor Pete came into the debate as a lightweight underdog; he came out as a classy intellectual

Obviously, an octogenarian’s opinion  such as mine will not be mainstream.  Most Democrats seem to like Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, but they strike me as far too strident.  When Bernie starts shouting and waving his arms, I’m afraid he’s about to have a stroke.  Elizabeth is a fireball speaker, but somehow, I don’t trust her.   Even Canada doesn’t offer a free college education for all.  I can’t imagine how we would pay for that, or all the money that would be wasted on kids who don’t want a college degree so much as a free ride for four years.

Biden?  Way past his time.  And, I don’t like his touchy-feely-smelly style with women.  Kamilla Harris?  I don’t see a former prosecutor as presidential material. The way she attacked  Biden  during the  first debate may have been her break out moment, but I think it was mean spirited  and uncalled for.

Booker and Gabbard have that likability factor

Besides Buttigieg, I like the way Tulsi Gabbard says it like she sees it—but her plan to pull out of Afghanistan is worrisome.    Cory Booker  reminds me of a better looking Obama.  He’s got that spark, but his  minimum wage plan is myopic.  $15 an hour in my city would result in a much different  lifestyle than in The Big Apple.

After watching the Democratic debates on television, my top likability picks are Booker, Buttigieg and Gabbard.   But if I ever met them face to face, we’d have to agree to disagree.

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