Last night, we turned back the clocks, and everything is back to normal.  Don’t you wish we could get rid of daylight savings time?  People wouldn’t have to spend the late spring and early fall driving to work or school in the dark.  It’s time to abolish deadly daylight savings time once and for all.

Daylight savings time can be hazardous to your health
Children shouldn’t have to walk to school or wait for the bus in the dark.

Yanking little children out of bed  for school when it’s pitch black outside is borderline  child abuse.  It’s not natural at all.  In fact, some school districts have decided to reschedule class times to start at 9 a.m. Recently, in Indiana, three children in the same family were killed as they ran for the school bus.  It was so dark that the oncoming driver didn’t realize she was passing a school bus.  Unfortunately, she was convicted of murder  and now sits in prison.  All of which could have been avoided if it hadn’t been for daylight savings time .

Yes, it will get dark earlier in the afternoon, now. But by that time, we’ve been awake for hours and can easily handle the darkness.  A groggy person stumbling out of bed isn’t in shape to drive or walk to school or work when they can’t see where they’re going.

Worse yet, changing the time disrupts our body clocks, and can have more serious consequences.  The first week after we change the clocks in the spring results in more car accidents, workplace injuries,  and suicides.

According to a study at the University of Colorado, the risk of heart attack increases by 25% when we lose an hour of sleep.   Another study by the American Academy of Neurology suggested that turning the clock behind or ahead an hour increases the risk of stroke.

Who likes daylight savings time the most?  Small  business owners and retailers.    The Chamber of Commerce has been the biggest supporter of daylight savings time in the USA.  The Chamber realizes that if you give people more sunlight at the end of the day, they’ll stop and shop on their way home.  Golfers also love daylight savings time—but how many people play golf?

The truth is, the public is being hoodwinked by those who want to make more money and play more golf.  It’s time to do away with deadly daylight savings time.

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