If you’ve followed my blog, you know I’m not a big fan of Joe Biden.   But in this case, I’m defending him against what he was subjected to last Thursday night on television. Senator Julian Castro’s mean spirited attack on Biden’s memory was a sign of blatant ageism during the Democratic National Committee debate.

Once a person  hits 70 , they’re apt to be a victim of ageism, whether they  realize it or not.  It could happen when the sales  person at the electronics store spouts a bunch of techie-speak, and shakes his head in amusement when you ask him to translate  in plain English.  Or  the rental agent at your vacation apartment puts you in a shoddy, overpriced place and refuses to give you a refund or find a better place. Then,  the mechanic at the tire store who  says you need a new tire, even though you  actually just need a small  repair. These are things that don’t happen to men and women under 50.

To tell the truth, I don’t remember much about the DNC debate.  There was a lot of talk about free healthcare.  Bernie Sanders ranting and raving, and Elizabeth Warren promising us the moon with no tax increases.  (Hello: Have you talked to your Italian and Canadian friends about their tax rate?)

But three salient moments remain in my memory.

First,  Julian Castro verbally  pummeling Biden , accusing him of forgetting what he just said.  What was the point of that? Except to say: “you’re too old and senile to be  president”.

 Mayor Pete was the voice of reason crying in the wilderness
Once again, Mayor Pete was the most rational candidate when defending Joe Biden

Second: , Hoosier Mayor Pete Buttigieg’s rational  response:   “This is why Presidential debates are becoming unwatchable. It reminds everybody of what they cannot stand about Washington…poking at each other…” .

Third,  when Minnesota senator   Amy Klobuchar,  said, ,” I don’t want to be president for half of America—I want to be president for all Americans.  I want to represent all of this country, not half of it. “

Amy Kloubucher seemed like the most sensible candidate at the DnC debate
Amy Klobuchar said what is needed to bring this country together

Sadly, if you look at the Vegas Odds on the 2020 Election, you will find that Buttigieg and Klobuchar are way down on the list of those predicted  to win.  Apparently, common sense, courtesy, and respect are no longer an asset when running for president.

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