As  mentioned in my last post, some people aren’t really into Christmas, for one reason or another. But if you have a partner or close friend who’s a Christmasphile, you are fortunate. They’ll get you in the mood.   My husband grew up on a farm in Nebraska, so the holidays were a time when they  could enjoy a respite from farm work.  Except for caring for the livestock,  they could relax and enjoy the magic and mystery of Christmas.  Like him, perhaps you, too, have wonderful holiday memories . Here are eight signs that  you’re a Christmasphile.

If you're a Christmaspile, you have warm memories of past holidays
Christmasphiles love everything about the season

One: Decorations don’t stop with a tree.  You have wreaths, poinsettias, outdoor lights, music boxes. And maybe even a blow up Santa.

Two: Even though 90 percent of young people don’t send  cards, you still sit down and address Christmas cards with an imprinted name.  On top of that, you buy Christmas stamps at the post office.  What a pleasure it must be for those who hear from you at Christmas time.

Three: You never tire of Christmas music .  You have stacks of CD’s dating back to the 1940’s. You love any kind of Christmas music, be it spiritual, rock and roll, big band, classical.  And of course, if you’re on the road during the season, you have an MP3 player loaded with enough Christmas music to last the entire trip.

Four:  Christmas sweaters are stored  in boxes on your closet shelves.  They’re carefully cleaned and washed at the end of each  year, so that they’re ready to wear as soon as Thanksgiving is over next year.

Five: Tastes of Christmas are important: Eggnog, persimmon pudding,  fruitcake.  Homemade candy and cookies.  Stollen, coffee cake.    Anyone dropping by  your house will not leave hungry.

Six: Numerous Christmas accessories round out your wardrobe.  Christmas socks.  Festive earrings or a tie, depending on your gender. Perhaps a decorative belt.

Seven: You like to play Santa Claus.  You may even own your own suit.

Eight: Christmas movies.  You could watch Hallmark Channel’s Christmas movies every night if your family would agree.

So if you’re Christmas Grinch , get over it.  Find a Christmasphile to hang out with.  And of course, you will want to exchange wrapped presents on Christmas day.

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