No matter where I’ve been this week, someone has complained about the cold weather.  Everyone is getting sick of Winter and longing for Spring.  But wait a minute.  Here are 6 reasons to dislike Spring:

1. Mosquito bites

In my state of Indiana, mosquito season starts in early March.  This means I’ll have to slather myself with bug spray if I walk in the park.  Some people, aren’t especially bothered by mosquito bites, but they can make me miserable.  Mosquito bites can also be dangerous, causing serious diseases like West Nile virus.  Note to self: stock up on anti-itch salve and bug spray before the season begins

2. Bee Stlngs:

Bee stings can be deadly.
Bee’s start pollinating in the Spring. If you get in their way, they will sting.

Starting in April, bees get busy pollinating.  If you get in their way, you’ll get stung.  Bee venom causes pain and swelling around the sting area that  doesn’t stop for a couple of days.   Many people are allergic to bee stings, which can cause severe immune reactions, and even death.  If you get dizzy and sick, or have trouble breathing after  a bee sting, call 911..

3. Tornadoes

While tornadoes can occur anytime, anywhere, they’re most apt to occur in March or April.  I lived through a tornado once on April 4, and it was terrifying.  First, you hear a sound like a freight train. That’s when you dive for cover in the basement or the Southwest corner of your house, or the bathroom.  When it was over, and our house was spared, we saw that the tornado had zigzagged around the neighborhood, totally destroying houses at random.  Luckily, no one was hurt.

4. Road Construction

Watch out for road construction in early March.
Road construction begins in early March.
Drivers and riders are often killed when someone doesn’t slow down or stop.

The season starts in March and last through November. How many times have you set out on a road trip, only to get stuck in a traffic stall due to road construction?   We don’t travel much anymore, but when we did, we were prepared with urinal devices if we had to stop at an inconvenient time.

Warm weather months bring major road projects, and a  lot of danger for drivers and workers. More than four out of five people killed in constructions areas are riders and drivers. A four lane road that’s reduced to two lanes increases the chances of a head on collision. Rear-end collisions  can happen when a careless driver rushes into a work zone and hits someone who is stopped or obeying the reduced speed limit.

5. Yard Work

In our city, homeowners typically start mowing their lawns in early April.  Some people enjoy  mowing  their lawns, but most  don’t.  If you’re one of those people who hires a lawn service, you monthly expenses are going to increase between now and late fall And if you opt to mow your own lawn, be prepared for frequent mower breakdowns, which can be frustrating and  costly.

6. Taxes

Spring is tax time.
Even if you hope for a refund, filing your tax returns can be a headache.

Even if you’re hoping for a refund, preparing a tax return is a hassle.  Gathering the proper forms and documents is time consuming and nerve wracking.  Many people have their taxes done by an accountant, but that doesn’t save you from assembling the necessary paperwork.  Even worse, you may still owe more taxes!

And if you’re a homeowner, you’ll probably be getting a bill for your property taxes.

And so, my friends, don’t look out the window and long for Spring.  Enjoy the benefits of Winter  for just a little while longer.

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